Well known Welsh dolphin spotted off Manx coast

On 7th January 2017, whilst carrying out a boat-based survey, we encountered a pod of around 10 Bottlenose Dolphins 1/2 a mile off Douglas Head. What made this encounter special was it was a dolphin crèche. The pod consisted of adults, several juveniles and a couple...

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New batch of land-based surveyors

We are delighted to announce that we have a new batch of local land-based surveyors, marking the start of the second year of our successful project ‘The Development of a Network of Local Marine Mammal Surveyors’ funded by the Manx Lottery Trust. Over the...

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Land-based surveyor workshop dates 2017

Network of local land-based surveyors  Upcoming workshops for 2017 Saturday 13th May. Port St Mary Town Hall, West Room 14:00-17:00 Sunday 21st May. Sulby Community Centre 14:00-17:00 Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Would you like to develop new skills whilst assisting...

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Who remembers Donald the dolphin?

Who remembers Donald the Dolphin? Donald was a resident of Port St Mary for a while back in the 70’s and became well known to Manx residents at the time. He was a solitary Bottlenose dolphin who chose to interact with humans and seek their company. I don’t know an...

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Video editor required

We are looking for someone on the island to work through our collection of videos taken aboard our research vessel and edit them for us before uploading to our youtube channel. This is a work from home post and you will need access to video editing software.Would suit...

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New research vessel up and running

We are delighted to say that our new research vessel is finally sea worthy, re-named and re-branded. The boat, now named Galps in honor of our founder John Galpin, has been undergoing electrical work since late summer by Ben Corcoran. She has also undergone a deep...

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Rare Fin whale sightings two days in a row!

Fin whale, wikipedia commons The second largest animal on earth, the Fin whale, has made a rare visit to Manx waters. The two 26 metre long whales were first spotted by a team of local land-based observers on Saturday 1st October at 15:25. Mike Kelly, joined...

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