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Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch (MWDW) has been at the forefront of marine mammal science on the Isle of Man since 2006.
We work voluntarily year round to ensure the safeguarding of whales, dolphins, and porpoises (cetaceans) in Manx territorial waters through non-invasive research and public awareness efforts.

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End of first day, with lots of interesting discussions about Risso's dolphins from world researchers. So much more to learn about this fascinating species! #wmmc19 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi all, the team is away as of tomorrow for a week attending and presenting at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona. One of us is returning on the 14th but the full team won't be back together until New years so please bear with us regarding replies to messages and approval of sightings on the website. The centre will be closed on Saturday. To make our admin easier so all sightings reports go to the same place please, please submit an online form Any stranded animal must be reported to the Manx Wildlife Trust. P.s enjoy the news articles that should be coming out about the baby dolphin. Bye for now ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi all, we would like to share with you some incredible footage of a newborn dolphin in Gansey bay 16th September 2019 (see link in comments as I can't upload it to FB)
A family of at least 3 adult Bottlenose dolphins plus one calf has been spotted 26 times since Mid-September, predominantly in Peel bay, but the first report of this group was back on 16th September in Gansey bay. This sighting was actually documented via video, where, at 1:08 you can see an extremely tiny animal jumping out just behind its mother. At first view you may think it is a fish as it is so tiny, but what we are actually watching is a newborn Bottlenose dolphin. The erratic behaviour by all members of the pod as well as their extraordinary close proximity to shore suggests this calf could have been born a matter of minutes before the video was taken.
The footage was captured by Phoebe Amy Robertson who was 18 at the time.

The photos were taken by Brian Liggins off Peel Castle on 21st October and 1st November. By then, the calf was a little over a month old and has visible lines on its body, known as foetal folds. These folds of skin occur when the dolphin is curled up in the womb, and they typically disappear after three months.
Although we can't positively identify the adults with those in the video, the pod size and age estimation of the calf suggests that it is indeed the same dolphins.
This is the first time a newborn Bottlenose dolphin has been documented in Manx waters and it's great to be able to follow its progress. If anyone has any recent photos or video please get in touch.

A separate large pod of Bottlenose dolphins totalling 30 individuals (including juveniles) have been spotted 19 times since the start of September, almost exclusively on the East coast. The most recent sighting was today, 3rd December off Port Mooar
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The winner of the Big Dolphin Treasure Hunt is... Carla! Dolphin delivered and one very happy little girl. Thank you to everyone who took part ... See MoreSee Less

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Recent sightings in Manx waters

Date Time Species Total Duration Location Observer
04/12/2019 09:30 Bottlenose Dolphin 4 10

Peel breakwater

Danny McElroy
02/12/2019 14:30 Bottlenose Dolphin 20 20

Ramsey bay

Dennis Desborough
02/12/2019 12:40 Bottlenose Dolphin 30 20

Maughold head

Clare Brook
01/12/2019 11:00 Bottlenose Dolphin 30 210

Maughold to Laxey

Shane Stigant and others
29/11/2019 16:00 Bottlenose Dolphin 2 20

Whitestrand-Peel bay

Nick Barlow, Ian and Sam the Collie
25/11/2019 14:45 Bottlenose Dolphin 3 10

Peel breakwater


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