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Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch (MWDW) has been at the forefront of marine mammal science on the Isle of Man since 2006.
We work voluntarily year round to ensure the safeguarding of whales, dolphins, and porpoises (cetaceans) in Manx territorial waters through non-invasive research and public awareness efforts.

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Dolphin family

‘Temporarily resident’ mother and calf bottlenose dolphin

Some sad news to share. Maura formed a very close bond with Donald, a solitary bottlenose dolphin who lived in the south of the island in the 1970's. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lots of whales around at the moment. 3 Minke this morning at 11am Marine drive toll gate, one very close within few hundres metres of the coast and you could hear it before seeing it. Just had another report through about this animal. Also reports further south along the drive. Yesterday we also saw a large whale blowing, it was a very long way away perhaps a couple of miles, the visibility was excellent but sea slightly choppy. It was seen blowing at least 3 times, and was later seen causing quite the disturbance on the surface as it either breached or lunge fed. Analysis soon being done on photographs of this animal. News to come. Has anyone got any reports to add? ... See MoreSee Less

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If you are in the Telegram app and don't think its working, make sure you go into the app settings and put a notification sound on (p.s there is actually a tone called Moonlight!) You can also choose the style of notification pop up; I use one that pops up on the screen overriding anything else you are looking at, and stays there till you swipe it away. So you can't really miss any sighting. If you don't choose one, you can miss notifications. If you have downloaded the app but genuinely can't get it to work, make sure you have activated it properly by putting your phone number in. ... See MoreSee Less

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Recent sightings in Manx waters

Date Time Species Total Duration Location Observer
30/08/2020 16:00 Bottlenose Dolphin 2 5

Kirk Michael

Ali and Luke
30/08/2020 15:40 Harbour Porpoise 2 5

Stack (Calf of Man)

Nina & Dermot Shimmin
30/08/2020 09:00 Harbour Porpoise 10 20

Port St Mary Ledges

Daryl Blake
24/08/2020 20:10 Common Dolphin 30 20

West of the Sound

Cheryl Moorhouse
24/08/2020 17:50 Risso’s Dolphin 12 180

Chasms- The Sound

Richard, Jan & Nicky Cooil, Nina & Dermot Shimmin
24/08/2020 16:05 Bottlenose Dolphin 2 10

Ayres Visitor Centre

John Baker

Diary of a Dolphineer

Online blog written by our summer interns each year

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