Introducing our new litter picker hiring scheme

• Come to the MWDW Visitor Centre to borrow a litter picker/s and take a rubbish bag for a small donation
• Pick up litter as you make your way around Peel; in the streets, up the headlands and hill, along the prom and beach… for as long or as short a time as you wish
• Take a photo of your ‘finds’ and dispose of rubbish sack in an outdoor bin or beach buddies bin
• Return the litter picker to the MWDW Visitor Centre and get a sticker
• Go home knowing you have done an amazing job to help rid the environment of nasty litter
• Tell family and friends about the scheme
Where and when:
MWDW Visitor Centre, Michael Street, Peel
Open 10-4 on Saturdays and 10-4 Tues-Sat during school holidays. May close at short notice due to dolphin surveying (see Facebook page)