Boat-based surveys

Our research vessel Galps is named in honour of our founder John Galpin. The purchase of this vessel was made possible in 2016 through a generous donation from the Scheinberg Family. Galps is an Aquabell 33 with a fly-bridge allowing us to conduct line-transcet surveys. 

Boat surveys are the most important aspect of our research allowing us to collect accurate sightings information throughout Manx territorial waters and photograph animals for Photo-Identification purposes. Prior to Galps, we have conducted surveys since 2007 aboard Girl Pat, Grampus and Hot Totty. 

Smaller vessels of opportunity:

Occasionally during the summer months, we have the privilege of surveying on-board small tourist vessels. The surveys allow us to gain valuable data in areas we wouldn’t have otherwise surveyed on that day. We are also on hand to guide the passengers and raise awareness of the presence of cetaceans in Manx waters. Over the years we have joined Gemini, Manx Sea Life Safari, Shona Boat Trips, Port St Mary Boat Excursions and would like to thank them for their continuing support.

Isle of Man Steam-Packet surveying 2013 and 2014

Over two summers we worked in collaboration with the Isle of Man Steam-Packet Company conducing regular surveys from the outside deck of the Manannan on route to Ireland. These crossings gave us the opportunity to survey two routes: Douglas to Dublin and Douglas to Belfast as well as raising public awareness by talking to passengers about what they can see. We also joined the Round the Island Cruise aboard Ben-My-Chree over the two summers. Unfortunately we had to stop these surveys due to a lack of manpower and higher priorities in calm weather.

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