School and youth group visits with Education Manager Jen Adams

Jen’s school talks cover a wide spectrum of activities and can be tailor-made to fit into a particular module. She can run assemblies and speak to the whole school or visit separate classes to run an engaging session. Jen is also regularly invited to run sessions for youth groups such as the scouts. Please scroll down the page for further information. 

Fitting cetaceans into the curriculum. Key stage 1 and 2

Please see the link below for ways in which cetacean science can fit into the National Curriculum. The information is based on the new UK curriculum.

Cetaceans in the curriculum

Anagh Coar school assembly

Nursery £20 – 30 min

With the help of her friend, Perkyn the Porpoise, Jen will visit your nursery group and talk to the little ones. Sitting in a circle with a laptop presentation she will guide them through various whales and dolphins; how some and teeth and some do not, how they talk to each other, sing-songs and play games. Using Perkyn, she will teach them the names and functions of the body parts; dorsal fin, blowhole etc

Marine wildlife of the Isle of Man (powerpoint presentation) 1hr – Single class £30 -whole year group £50 – entire school assembly £50 

An engaging and interactive look at cetaceans, seals and basking sharks and how to tell the different species apart. Spot the difference by looking at head shape, fin shape, scarring and colour.  Learn how dolphins and whales communicate, hunt and socialise. Measure out the different species using a 30 metre tape. Tips on how to go out spotting for yourselves and good places to look. Q&A. This talk is ideal for an entire school assembly and can be adjusted to suit any age group. Jen will bring Perkyn the porpoise. 

Class sessions can be followed up with a land-watch, see the bottom of page for details

Dolphin lesson – Single class £30 –1hr

A detailed look at dolphins: dorsal fin, teeth, melon, pectoral fins. Discover their awesome methods of working together to find food and how they have a ‘superpower’ known as echolocation. Dolphin playtime – throwing jellyfish, passing seaweed and surfing. Class activity-Photo-Identification game – using a template dorsal fin; draw the lines, cuts and scars that you see on the photos. Learn how scientists use these markings to recognise individual dolphins. 

Whale lesson – Single class £30 – 1hr

A detailed look at whales and some of the species within the group. Find out how whales hunt and feed using hairy filters called baleen plates, discover what baleen is made of and why they have it. Learn how whales communicate, socialise and migrate. Class activity– Baleen game: Using jugs of water, dried basil and various tools, find out how baleen plates trap their prey. 

Special deal: Dolphin lesson and whale lesson on same day, with break, or split over 2 days – £50 all in

Marine predators – Not Just Sharks and Killer Whales! – Single class £30- whole year group £50 

An interactive look at marine predators of all shapes and sizes from around the globe. How they use trickery to disguise themselves in their habitat and methods of predation.


Threats – can be added on to any other session free of charge. Additional 20min

A look at potential threats to cetaceans and the marine environment and how the children can actively make a difference. Activity- ‘Bag of Threats’ matching up the photo’s with objects in a bag relating to marine threats (over-fishing, by-catch, oil spills, litter etc) and discussing them

High school – Free 15 min assembly. Contribution to travel costs welcome. 

Youth groups (Rainbows-Guides and Beavers-Scouts) £30 for an hour

A hands-on, interactive session aimed at small groups:

  • What is a cetacean
  • Talk about our 5 local species, spot the difference (colour, beak and fin shape)
  • The differences between whales and dolphins
  • How dolphins find prey using echolocation
  • How whales find food and eat using Baleen plates
  • Social behaviour, how they play and communicate
  • Measuring out the species using a giant 30-metre measuring tape
  • Questions and answers

Outdoor learning – £40

School and youth talks can be followed up by a land watch session. This is a superb way of getting children excited about the outside world and actively involved in data collection and observation techniques.

  • Filling in junior survey forms. Recording sightings of marine mammals and birds. 
  • Collecting environmental data
  • Use binoculars to look out
  • Learn about the hints and signs that marine mammals may be in the area

For school trips to run, a minimum of 1 adult per 4 children is required. Please note that due to health and safety there is a maximum group size of 25 children. Binoculars, clipboards, pens and forms are provided. Risk assessment will be provided in advance. You will need your own high vis jackets. 

Please be aware that land-watches can be subject to short notice cancellation due to weather.

I have a special deal of £60 for an indoor talk followed by a land-watch

How to book

Please contact Jen directly: or 07624 393 496, alternatively, fill out the form below

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Jen and her pal Perkyn

Measuring out a Blue whale at Anagh Coar school

Outdoor land watch with Peel 3rd Scouts

Land watch with Victoria Road Primary

St Ninians Rainbows

Rushen Beavers looking out at the Sound

Secret Lives of Dolphins at Onchan Library