Spotting whales, dolphins, and porpoises can be a wonderful and unforgettable experience, especially when you see them right here from the Isle of Man! Helping people to see their first ever cetacean is one of the most exciting parts of our job and we love to share the joy of seeing these creatures with locals and visitors alike.

Use the links below to learn all about the species you might see around the island, how to spot them from the coast or at sea, and how to report your sightings to us.



Find out about the species which can be seen around the Isle of Man

Watch from the coast

Find out the best places around the coast to watch for cetaceans

Watch from sea

Get tips on how to safely watch cetaceans from your boat

Become an Observer

Interested in becoming a land based observer?  

Recent Sightings

View our database of sightings of cetaceans in Manx waters.

Report a stranding

Find out what to do if you see a stranded cetacean

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