Coming across cetaceans at sea

Coming across a pod of marine mammals at sea is always an incredible sight that may stick in your memory forever. It is however, extremely important that you know how to behave around these amazing animals so to cause them the least amount of disturbance  and stress as possible. Please remember that these are wild animals and need to be respected.


What to do if you come across whales, dolphins, porpoises or basking sharks at sea
  • Do not steer directly towards them
  • Do not approach directly from the back or front of the pod, instead approach from the side
  • Be sure to keep boat speed low enough to not produce any wake whilst within 300 metres of the animals
  • Always stay at least 100 metres away at all times
  • Avoid sudden increases or decreases in speed, if stopping then slow down gradually
  • Take care not to separate groups by driving through them
  • Avoid approaching animals with young
  • Do not attempt to touch or swim with animals
  • If the animals are close to land ensure to keep the boat between them and the land