Strandings are always a possibility along any coastline and it is important to know what to do should you come across a marine mammal be it alive or dead. The Manx Wildlife Trust are in charge of dealing with stranding’s and the Marine Officer, Lara Howe, should be informed immediately on 01624 844432 or 07624 568726


If the animal is alive
  • Phone for assistance immediately, giving exact location and other relevant details, with an accurate description of the animal
  • Keep back any crowds, dogs or children and avoid sudden movements or noise
  • Approach the animal with care and if possible keep the animal wet with sea water. You must AVOID getting any water in the blow hole
  • Do not attempt to drag the animal; stressed marine mammals can cause injury so it’s best to be cautious
  • Wait for professional assistance
If the animal is dead
  • Keep away from the animal and do not touch it. Marine mammal carcasses carry bacteria which are harmful to humans and other animals. Keep away children and dogs.
  • Call the Marine Officer giving exact location and details to help us find it including an accurate description. If possible take a photo.
Juvenile Harbour porpoise at Derbyhaven