Visitor’s Centre

31 Michael Street, Peel, Isle of Man, IM5 1HD

Located in the centre of Peel high street, the Manx Whale & Dolphin Visitor’s Centre is perfectly located for ease of access to tourists and locals alike. With informative displays about our local species, recent sightings charts, cetacean biology and adaptation and a library of books, the centre really does cover pretty much everything to do with these fascinating mammals. So come on down to find out about whales, dolphins and porpoises around the Isle of Man and how MWDW works to conserve them by way of scientific and educational projects. Tea, Coffee and cake are available for donation. 

The centre is open Weds-Sun 10-4 most weeks, but hours are subject to change if the team is out surveying or running public events. Hours for the week ahead are posted on MWDW’s facebook page every Sunday. If the team close the centre to go out surveying from the coastline, details of their location will be posted on Facebook, and you would be very welcome to join in. 

Our Young Scientists’ Area is the perfect place for the budding marine biologist to hang out. Find a collection of fascinating bones, from a huge Minke whale rib to tiny porpoise teeth, with information about these animals and how they feed, communicate and hunt. Take a look through our ‘threat draws’ to discover the issues these animals face globally and how we can help. Do some, or all! of our many activities; from colouring-in to quizzes and games. Become a real marine mammal scientist with our Photo-ID game. We also have a number of story books and cuddly toys for the very little ones. 

Special workshops for ‘young scientists’ will be organised throughout the year, after school or during the holidays. Please see our events calendar for further info and to book.